GWB WELDING, INC. was founded as a sole proprietorship by Glen Burton in 1973.  The primary business then was welding.  Over the years Glen was called on  more and more to use his creativity, mechanical instincts, and drafting skills to help solve problems and challenges in grain handling and storage.  His reputation for getting the jobs done right, on time and at a fair price spread quickly such that today, his millwrights serve the agribusiness in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming.  His son, Jared, joined the company in 1990 and is carrying on the traditions laid down by his father and is now running the operations of the business.  His daughter, Jeneen, learned the administration and finances of the business at her mothers knee and left the banking industry to join her father and brother in running the business.  This is a family run business whose core values embody the adages that “any job worth doing is worth doing right” and “only our best effort is what is worth going to work for”.